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“Empower. Inspire. Celebrate.”

We are a global movement of independent organizers, aiming to help women launch their business. We are collaborating with a vast network of entrepreneurs, companies and incubators to bring a new global approach to boost female entrepreneurship. In order to empower women aspiring to become entrepreneurs, we developed 3 programs.






Mentorship program

SheNetworks is our networking program. We enable aspiring entrepreneurs to build their professional network and find inspiration from successful female entrepreneurs. Each event is held with a specific theme and consists of networking sessions and short presentations from entrepreneurs. ‘Relaxed’ is the rule ! SheNetworks is always set in a laid-back and playful atmosphere where all women feel comfortable. 

This is perfect for you if…

  • You want to meet other inspiring young women
  • You want to build your network and be part of a community
  • You want to get support and feedback

How to attend

All upcoming SheNetworks events can be found on our website by clicking below or on by searching ‘SheNetworks’ in your city

Through our Masterclasses, we aim at teaching aspiring female entrepreneurs about specific areas of entrepreneurship and giving them valuable tools, knowledge and hard skills to build on it. Masterclasses examples : How to pitch to investors, Accounting 101 for your business, Online marketing with social media.  All Masterclasses are given by industry experts and validated by us beforehand.

This is perfect for you if…

  • You want to launch a business but simply don’t know where to start
  • You need support in a specific area for your business

How to attend

All our upcoming Masterclasses are listed on our website and accessible by clicking below

Through our mentorship program, we aim at providing inspiration, motivation and guidance. Mentors are successful female entrepreneurs who are willing to give their time to support the mentees. Each mentorship runs for 6 months.

This is perfect for you if…

  • You want to meet inspiring role models
  • You have a business idea or prototype but need guidance, feedback and/or support to go further
  • You have started a business but need guidance, feedback and/or support to go further

How to attend

Applications are advertised on our website and are accessible below